Steven Whitney, Ph.D

"Dear Jim, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent results achieved through auctioning our property. I continue to tell friends, acquaintances and just about anyone who will listen about how well things worked out for us. Our family is grateful to you for your assistance. I know it is unusual for properties in this price range ($190,000) to sell at auction but it really suited our needs. With three active children and being a single parent, I dreaded trying to maintain the house in showcase condition for an extended period of time. The Open Houses allowed us to maintain our normal pattern and then get ready for the showing. I was also concerned about how long it would take to sell the property. With the auction approach, I knew I would have an answer within a predictable time frame. In fact, it was less than 30 days from my decision to sell to the auction date. Selling as is takes away any questions about the home's condition as well as the potential expense of inspections, repairs, or negotiation over what to do about whatever changes the potential buyer might desire - it makes selling easy. And best of all, we were very pleased with the financial results! I also want to thank you for the work you did to make this successful. The newspaper ads were great. the words and photos really helped. We had a huge amount of traffic (which is really an accomplishment considering a country location on a dead end) by our house and many stopped to pick up a flyer from the handy dispenser. Even the additional Open House, the day before the auction, worked well. If you ever need a reference, I will be happy to respond to questions or relate my experience. Again, thanks for everything."

Kurt Cross, CCM CMA Treasury Manager Unity World Headquarter

"Jim, we received the check yesterday and wanted to tell you that I was very impressed with the whole process. Being from out of town, the process was very minimal for us. The top administration at Unity were also impressed with the quick results. Thanks to you and Lee (pass this on to Lee)."

Todd Schafer, Topeka

"I think Jim Sanders did a great job with the problems he had to deal with, and the problems were dealt with in a satisfactory method."


"Jim and Cydney were great to work with. They offered honest feedback and kept me informed on the progress of the sale. Both great to work with, helpful, and accommodating."

Tom Benaka, Topeka

"Jim always exceeds our expectations"

Brian Baker, Topeka

"Jim was very responsive to our needs, provided great counsel on the homes to look at during the process, negotiated a fair price, and made closing the deal very smooth. Jim Sanders is the type of partner I have and will continue to recommend to my friends and family."

Brian, Topeka

"Jim is the right person to engage with in the Topeka market."

Kyle Brown, Grantville

"Jim, SANDERS did an excellent job on selling our property. He kept us very informed. I would use Mr. SANDERS again thank you, Kyle."